Otitis Media

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What is otitis media?

Otitis media is any inflammation of the middle ear. The infection can be quite uncomfortable and your child may complain about pain in the ear. Babies and toddlers are likely to cry and hold the infected ear.

What causes it?

Otitis media occurs when the area behind the eardrum called the middle ear becomes inflamed and infected. This can result from a common cold or flu, due to allergies, or a sinus infection.

What are the symptoms?

Some common symptoms of the condition include pain in the ear, headaches, fever, loss of balance and hearing impairment. Your child may be irritable, and he or she may struggle to sleep. In some cases there can be drainage of fluid from the ears.

How can it be treated?

If Dr Moodley diagnoses otitis media, she will prescribe medication such as ear drops formulated to help relieve your child’s pain. Often antibiotics may be prescribed. This can be in the form of ear drops or taken orally. In very severe cases, or in cases where an infection recurs, a review by an ear, nose and throat surgeon may be needed, as a surgical procedure may be necessary to treat the condition.



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